Laurie L. Grant Is Prescribed Membership With Stanford Who's Who

Stanford Who's Who welcomes Laurie L. Grant, PA-C, MBS to the ranks of leading professionals as a result of her exceptional effort in the Healthcare Industry.

Stanford Who's Who/ Stanford Who's Who welcomes Laurie L. Grant, PA-C, MBS to the ranks of leading professionals as a result of her exceptional effort in the Healthcare Industry. As an Integrative Medical Professional and Owner of Grant Health and Wellness, as well as throughout her incredible 35 plus years in the field, Laurie has consistently demonstrated the vision, dedication and diligence necessary to be considered among the best.

Laurie L. Grant, PA-C, MBS is an Integrative Medical Professional with over 35 years of extraordinary experience and expertise in esoteric wisdom, multidimensional energy healing, as well as extensive traditional medical experience. She is a Master Healer, Author, Professional Speaker, Health Blogger, and Podcaster, as well as a Stress, Quantum Biofeedback and Neurofeedback Expert.

During her collegiate career, she earned a Master's degree in Biochemistry and Physiology and is in the process of completing her Doctorate degree in Divinity. She also has Clinical, Research, Teaching and Leadership training. Laurie is an Ordained Minister and Leader of The Intenders of the Highest Good Circle.
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By Laurie L Grant, PA-C, MBS

A True Healer is your Partner in Health and overall well being.
Did you know that it is the PA who is able to spend the time to truly get to know their patients and act as a true partner in health? They view their patients through more than one lens and treat on many levels. They are highly trained medical professionals, who do not just see their patients as only a body that needs fixing, they actually see you as an individual who desires excellent health on every level of being by preventing disease and integrating body, mind, emotions & spirit.
PA training is medical school for 2-3 years, plus internships in all aspects of medicine, usually including the more up to date Holistic Medicine, which is not a specialty (not yet).
Most PA's have Master's Degrees, some even Doctorate degrees. The PA is state licensed, nationally board certified, tested and retested every 6 years! Some PA's even take various Medical Specialty exams in addition to the required General & Internal Medicine exams. No other medical professional stays this up to date on the many changes in medicine- not even physicians.
The PA partners with physicians, refers to other specialists when needed, as well as partners with you, the patient. This is the ideal person you want as a PArtner in your own & your loved one's health.